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Once upon a time, a water softener was a great tall thing, and it was quite normal for people to have them coming right up through holes in their kitchen surfaces.

The TwinTec S3 is deliberately designed to fit in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. In addition, it can be fitted with its inlet and outlet hoses on the left or on the right, so that it can fit wherever you’ve got space.

In this table, you can see that the overall dimensions of the TwinTec S3 are smaller than any comparable softener.

More Comparisons

Make/model Size (HxWxD M³)
TwinTec S3 0.43
Kinetico 2020c HE 0.48
Kinetico 2020c HF 0.48
Kinetico AquaBlu 0.48
Ecowater ESM 11 0.93
Ecowater ESM 15 1.17
Tapworks AD11 0.90
Tapworks AD15 1.12
Waterside MC-350 E-F 0.78
Waterside MC-350 H-F 0.78
Waterside DX-500 0.92
Aquadial Prismertec 0.69
Liff 2010 T 1.02
Liff 2010 V 1.02
Liff 2015 V 1.26
Liff 2015 1.61
Monarch Plumbsoft Solo 0.61
Monarch Plumbsoft Ultra 0.65
Genus SD300 0.72
Genus SD500 0.83