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woking_1-8e8b663bfd0a8c9923d7fdeb90ea5c19Less than 25 miles from London, Woking sits on the north-western side of the Basingstoke Canal with the Thames River to the north. The Woking Borough Council is working hard on their climate change policy initiatives, including a planned reduction of 60 percent of environmental pollution by 2050. The council is also focusing on sustainability by installing the first sustainable energy which is the first in the country! In 2000 the council received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for this ground-breaking utilization of USA NASA technology.

With a borough focused on the environment and sustainability, there’s still one problem that is difficult to solve on a grand scale: hard water. UK Water Softeners provides water softening in Woking to remove calcium and magnesium from your hard water that can cause uncomfortable skin irritation. Investing in a quality water softener system or upgrading to TwinTec S3, which is easier to maintain and eliminates energy costs, is great solution to your hard water problem.

Many water sources in the area flow through the sedimentary bedrock of Oolitic limestone into your water. its the limescale that causes all the problems in the home, on the shower, toilet, sinks and its not great for your hair and skin.

Old Woking is the home of Harvey Water Softeners Ltd (est. 35 years) who manufacture the TwinTec S3 Water softener (previously Kinetico Ltd) still owned by the founder Harvey Bowden, whos son Casey is carrying on the family business,

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