Water softeners in Yateley

The Hart district and Yateley in South East England has an enviable position and was voted the UKs most desirable place to live just a few years ago. The beautiful lakes, proximity to the A30 and the M25 motorway means easy access to London, also the nice weather make it an ideal spot to call home, and raise a family, the area is supported by good schools and there is a waitrose and morrisions.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many towns and villages across England, the local water supply has excess minerals build up, which is called ‘hard water’. This hard water is the reason why many homes have hard limescale build-up in the pipes, on shower heads and taps, and even in hot water kettles.

In addition, hard water makes it harder for soap to work effectively, which means that more needs to be used for washing clothes, floors and even yourself! Having to use extra soap each day can really have an impact on your household budget, and soap scum build-up is hard work to clean up, and leaves bathrooms looking unsightly.

But there is a simple solution to the hard water problem. Having a water softener system installed by the Kevin Goody (UK Water Softeners) means that hard water problems will become a distant memory.

Along with removing the damage of limescale build up and cutting down on soap costs, a water softener will make a remarkable difference to the quality of your clothes washing. Imagine having fluffy, soft, bright towels after each wash, along with your clothes and bedding.

Kevin Goody has over 19 years of experience working in the Yateley area and surrounding districts, and he has installed over 4500 water softener systems.

Call Kevin Goody today to find out how simple and affordable a water softener can be.

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